As Australia’s largest equipment hire company, Coates Hire needed a solution to support there 2,000+employees across 180 branches
in Australia, including branches based in remote areas. CoatesHire had email as its predominant channel of communication, and intranet that was used mainly for daily applications by branch staff and to support corporate staff. Employees did not have a voice in this top-down communication structure.

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TUH Health Fund was founded in 1972 by the Queensland Teachers’ Union with one simple purpose: to provide first-rate health care to those who spend their working lives looking after others. What started out as a local health fund for teachers quickly grew, and today TUH provides insurance services and health related services to 70,000 members Australia-wide.Many of its members are people who provide care and vital services to their local communities, such as teachers, nurses, fire-fighters and government employees.

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