Sonic Automotive

United States | Retail | 9,000

The Problem

Enablo and Workplace from Meta

Sonic Automotive, Inc., a Fortune 500 company based in Charlotte, North Carolina, is on a quest to become the most valuable automotive retailer and service brand in America. Their vibrant company culture thrives on creating, innovating, and providing industry-leading guest experiences, driven by strategic investments in technology, teammates, and ideas that ultimately fulfill ownership dreams, enrich lives, and deliver happiness to our guests and teammates.

As one of the largest automotive retailers in America, owning and operating over 125 retail groups nationwide, Sonic Automotive are committed to delivering on this goal while pursuing expansive growth and taking progressive measures to be the leader in this category and invest in new platforms, programs, and people to ensure they’re poised to drive the next generation of automotive experiences.

In October 2020, they adopted Workplace to fulfill an objective of connecting with employees via ‘real time reach’ on their mobile devices, irrespective of location. With 75-80% of the employee base being deskless employees located throughout these retail stores, they needed a mobile friendly, intuitive way of doing this.

Workplace Results


Invited employees


Retail groups throughout USA

Connection is key

Workplace was implemented with clear strategic cultural and communication goals. At a corporate level, Workplace is used to collaborate and communicate effectively. At a company wide level, the internal communications team push all company based performance documentation, employee shouts, celebratory occasions and anniversaries using Workplace, as well as directing knowledge based posts around key initiatives into the relevant groups.

It was crucial to reach all teams and team members in order to touch them with frequent communication that ensured all employees were clear on their why, and working to meet company goals.

From a culture perspective, reinforcing the fact that all employees were a part of something bigger was integral to fostering a strong sense of culture and community within a nationally dispersed base.

In addition, educating employees on their career paths and the various options open to them from the perspective of career progression is also something Workplace supports, through sharing career journeys and storytelling, profiling how various leaders and employees worked their way into their current role.Sonic Automotive’s main use case is company announcements via a Service Profile represented as ‘Communications and Marketing’ with a view to pushing timely, relevant communications out to the company.

“Seeing Workplace take off, seeing it repeat, “frequent flyers return to the platform – seeing the individualized preferences and use. I love the fact we can celebrate milestones, performance, create more visibility in the ecosystem in a very short amount of time.

It’s because of Workplace that we’ve been able to achieve this over the past year – we are excited to see it grow and develop”

Maren McCrane – Vice President, Culture & Strategic Initiatives, Sonic Automotive

The Results

Enablo supported a multi-month pilot which culminated in a full launch & enablement for 9,000 employees, as well as a custom integration to recognize celebrations, milestones, birthdays and anniversaries on a regular basis


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Enablo Quote – CEO

Moving into 2022, Sonic Automotive’s C suite made a commitment to support and drive digital engagement on the Workplace platform. In February 2022, Sonic hosted their first company-wide ‘Live’ for the first time. The engagement stats were strong, with the CEO being able to watch it while on a flight, commenting & engaging with the business while at a cruising altitude!