How Workplace helped Real foster an incredible culture across the US

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Connecting agents and teams in the virtual brokerage world

Enablo and Workplace from Meta

Real was created as a technology-powered brokerage to help agents and teams transition from the traditional bricks-and-mortar world to a virtual one.

The company’s core mission is to provide a better service to agents so agents can serve their clients better. As a newcomer in a typically traditional, regulated industry with close to 4,000 agents, brokers, and teams working remotely throughout 40 US states and Canada, superb technology was vital in delivering on this.

With exponential growth targets, leadership knew that they needed to have a solid communication channel to fuel its hyper-growth and bring their geographically dispersed teams together. And their leadership team selected Workplace by Meta (formerly Facebook) to become the centralized hub for agent training, communication, collaboration, and the sharing of expertise among agents to provide an opportunity to generate and close transactions.

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Familiar, intuitive, and mobile first

Erinn Nobel, Chief Culture Officer at Real, came into her role with previous experience with Workplace, so immediately knew it was the solution to deliver on the company’s objectives and communication goals.

Having used Workplace unaided previously, Erinn knew Real needed to streamline the process to ensure success from the get-go.

When it came to implementation and launch, the communication was clear from the top down. Erinn adds:

“We broke everything down into specific groups and focused on what agents needed, how they can share ideas/referrals on a highly searchable basis, and how we could ensure a highly searchable education and training depository for agents, which we know as Real Academy. We needed a lot of guidance and input on our delivery, and we got this from partnering with Enablo.”

Regional agents were brought in first as Champions and to test the platform. Once these Champions were active on Workplace, cultivating great content and setting organizational norms, the company-wide roll-out proceeded at pace. Erinn adds: “Once our brokers discovered the horsepower behind the platform and how user-friendly it was, users became engaged, and Workplace quickly became an extremely popular channel. It’s familiar and intuitive, mobile-first, and is inherently engaging.”

“With Enablo, we understood we needed a partner to help us design Workplace to be a sticky, highly collaborative place where agents, brokers, and staff want to be, and ultimately to support and navigate our culture. We had a very short timeline for launch and were very fortunate to gain Enablo’s expertise.”

Erinn Nobel, Chief Culture Officer, Real

Connected as a team, regardless of location

Dynamic state brokers are leading from the top and showcasing how best to use Workplace, and by default, agents and teams were inspired to follow suit. From fun and engaging groups like ‘Pets of Real Brokerage’ to essential groups like ‘Referral Central’ (a group for populating and posting referrals for other agents from out of state as well as ‘Real Academy’), the remarkable engagement stats underline the success of Workplace in delivering an exceptional employee experience. Highlights include:

  • 95% of full-time agents are active
  • Over 80% of agents are active monthly
  • Almost 80% of groups are active weekly
  • 80% of all company leaders are active weekly
  • Since launch, 35% of employees have posted or commented in Workplace, and 65% have reacted to a post
  • Consistently, 100% of brokers are active weekly

Out in the field, Traci Ratzlaff, a dedicated state broker for Kansas, shares: “As a direct result of being advised and encouraged to check Workplace daily, 92% of my agents are active every day. Workplace provides the ability to jump in and feel like they’re part of something bigger, which has been amazing for organic collaboration. Regardless of how far apart we may physically be, the team is connected and working together throughout the day.”

“Workplace has provided the platform for Real to build a genuinely collaborative community of agents and brokers, while really strengthening relationships without letting geographical distance stand in the way. Seeing our customers ‘walk the walk’ in terms of putting an awesome employee experience front and center in order to support an organizational objective, is truly a pleasure to witness.”

Nick Sandercock, Experience Manager, Enablo

Blazing a trail when it comes to the future of work

Real was set up to meet the demands of a changing real estate model. Regardless of your industry, the future of work is changing. Enablo can help your organization prepare for success and ensure a more connected and engaged employee base.