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At Enablo, we are on a mission to digitize the world of work and enable new work experiences that are accessible to everyone, anywhere. Through our partnerships with Workplace from Meta, Google Workspace and Asana, we’ve helped hundreds of organisations transform their culture and the way they work. Sound like something you want to be a part of? Then keep reading…

In a nutshell, the Enablo Client Onboarding & Launch Consultant delights in consulting with clients and knows a thing or two about implementing people-centred technology into businesses of all sizes – across the United States.

This role currently reports to our Experience Team Lead and services our customers across the US, working closely with other areas of the business such as Experience, Engineering, Sales and Marketing, to drive better outcomes for our customers and growth of Enablo products and services.

Aside from having a pretty impressive career background in the world of project management / technology / innovation consulting, a huge part of hiring for this role is based on attitude and culture fit. So, if you’re clever, creative, curious, data-driven and have some cool ways of doing stuff — then chances are you’ll probably get on well. The team at Enablo take a shining to people who are smart, work hard, seek diverse input / feedback, and love their craft.

For us, what would help seal the deal is your shared passion for creating the ultimate employee experience online, and believing in Enablo’s potential to transform our clients through cultural change, connection, communication and collaboration.

We are a fully flex business, which means we are open to our roles working in a way that sets them up to do their best work. This is a remote-based role and must be based in the US, with a strong preference for Dallas due to business purposes. We are HQ’d in Brisbane, Australia and have people working in different locations throughout the US, Australia and New Zealand.

The Work Here’s what you will do:

  • Lead medium complexity projects for our small to medium business clients (across discovery, launch and success phases of client journey) – this will be a mixture of face-to-face and virtual engagements
  • Project manage Workplace launches with perfect project health, while managing stakeholder relationships across these clients
  • Use your advanced change management consulting skills and deep understanding of our clients to achieve maximum product adoption as a successful launch outcome for our small to medium business clients
  • Lead low to medium complexity projects autonomously
  • Support our Solutions Architects in delivering technical solutions to our clients pre, during and post launch
  • Contribute to the creation of custom Statements of Work for small to medium business clients aligned with our delivery methodology and best-fit customer solutions
  • Apply design thinking techniques and experience design skills to facilitate client workshops with diverse audiences to identify employee experience and business innovation opportunities worth solving
  • Advise clients on business process improvements based on global best practices, business insight, industry knowledge, and visibility into current-vs-future state platform capabilities
  • Contribute to best-in-class IP and thought leadership pieces to drive new business and continuous improvement in the form of customer marketing and delivery innovation opportunities
  • Identify and scope upsell opportunities in client partnerships. For example: identifying bots/experiences or solutions/integrations as part of a pre-launch or launch project
  • Contribute to meeting our Experience team billable targets through managing multiple projects with perfect project health
  • Support the Growth team to inspire and excite prospects with product and customer knowledge through pre-sales demos and presentations
  • Support cross-functional growth initiatives to bring innovation and industry-leading solutions to our clients in a meaningful way – initiatives such as Enablo Reality Labs
  • Manage up to 4 client partnerships (ongoing success services) for small to medium business clients and develop a trusted advisor relationship with leadership teams and project stakeholders
  • Co-facilitate and deliver Workplace Blueprint Workshops across small to medium and enterprise clients. This includes the delivery of best-practice outputs and strategic recommendations to our clients based on your consultation
  • Contribute to team rituals, team culture and amplify the Enablo mission and values
  • Operate strictly under our ISMS framework for ISO27001 compliance

The Skills Here’s how you will do it:

  • Proven experience in management and technology consulting with strong thought leadership, change management and design thinking skills
  • Proven experience in small to medium business based project management, SaaS implementation and client onboarding
  • Experience in consulting based on billable targets is preferred but not essential
  • Learned Product expertise in Workplace from Meta for consulting purposes and Asana for project management
  • Razor sharp communication skills. You’re no stranger to presenting to executive leaders, facilitating workshops, running design and innovation jams, delivering training sessions, and crafting concise communications for change programs
  • Experience in B2B or B2C startups and an appreciation for the challenges as well as an appetite for the opportunities in a rapidly growing global business
  • No problems in managing up, sideways and externally. In other words, you’ve got some pretty tidy stakeholder engagement skills
  • Excellent cross-functional consulting skills and problem-solving abilities to deliver innovative outcomes
  • An appreciation for wanting to be in front of the client to reach or deliver the best outcome — and therefore up for travel as required

Enabler Life

We are HQ’d in Brisbane, Australia and our team of exceptional talents are distributed remotely across Australia, New Zealand and USA.

If, like us, you get your kicks from helping people feel and perform their best at work, that might be enough. But, there are a few other things that make working at Enablo so great.

We believe in the health and wellness of our Enablers and with that, we provide access to a life coach that can help navigate through challenges, both personal and professional. Each team member has an allotted amount of time per month that can be spent exploring how we can better manage both homelife and our careers.

We not only partner with Meta, Asana and Google, but we also kit you out with a slick new MacBook Pro, will provide you with an allowance to cover your phone and internet bills, paid parental leave (for mums AND dads) and try to get you together with your team as long as COVID permits (globally)!

We also practise what we preach and use our tools day-in, day-out so you’ll feel connected and like you actually know your peers, even when you may not have met them in real life. This happens through fun intro videos, embracing achievements, milestones and birthdays on our social groups, peer to peer recognition on Workplace and more.

But we don’t stop there, we don’t rave about diversity because we do this naturally – we are an inclusive (even pet-friendly) environment, who truly enjoy shared values, a culture of playfulness but with serious intent and we absolutely thrive when we collaborate! Just ask our Customers!

Interested? Then get in touch and apply now, by sending us your resume. Be sure to tell us a bit about yourself, we want to get to know you. We should also let you know, any successful Enablers who join our team are required to undergo a National Police and Background Check and have ongoing full rights to work and reside in the country of employment – which in this case, is the USA.

No agencies thanks, we’ve got this one covered!

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