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Workplace by Facebook Calculator

Understand your Workplace Licence Costs


The team here at Enablo are huge fans of the simple pricing model that Facebook have created for Workplace. However, calculating the true per month cost for your organisation can still be a bit of a challenge without a spreadsheet or pen and paper.

We have created the below calculator to allow you to input the number of users in your organisation, your preferred currency and the number of monthly active users you expect to have as a percentage of your total employee count. As a rule, we expect to see greater than 85% monthly active users in any Workplace deployment we are involved in.

We hope you find the calculator useful and would be happy to assist you with any further questions that you have about Workplace beyond just pricing. Please fill in your details below if you would like to get in touch.

Note: pricing and currency rates are indicative only and subject to your enterprise agreement with Facebook.




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