Writing The Business Case: Real Benefits of Workplace

by Harriet Muir
Published on May 21, 2019

Workplace is not just another internal platform. It really can change the way of working inside your organization. Choosing to change that might take a solid business case. We’re here to help you.

At Enablo, we obviously believe in Workplace – we have built our business around it! But we’re not the only ones. We’ve asked some other Workplace users why they love this platform and what specific benefits it brought to their organization. The feedback got us wowed, so here a selection: a pretty impressive list which can help you build your business case.

Happy, loyal and connected employees

We’d like to start off with the most important thing: the people in your company. As simple as it may sound, happy employees are the reason for the company’s success. Often they feel invisible, unheard or detached from their organization. We’ve seen Workplace changing that.

Proud employees

Employees feel a sense of pride when their personal or team success is shared, especially when colleagues or team leads to comment on it.

Ability for personal profiling and growth

Sharing their knowledge and will to collaborate with other teams on Workplace, will make it possible for employees to take the next step in their career inside your organization, which saves you on-boarding time for that open position. Bonus!

Feeling connected to the organisation

With Workplace and the user-friendly apps, it’s easy and fun to interact with those employees who are far away from HQ. They can share their customer feedback and ideas right away, and HQ can update them when new exciting things are happening. Workplace really gets employees all over the country involved.

Happy colleagues

We’ve seen a variety of groups arise where colleagues share their common interest. Sports groups, Thank God It’s Friday groups, lunch sharing groups: all initiated by employees who just love to be more connected. Needless to say, happy employees are loyal employees.

Less stress

Workplace decreases stress. A remarkable one, we know, but it’s true. We’ve heard a team manager who replaced work-related Whatsapp groups by Work Chat. His team indicated that they experienced a lot of stress outside work hours using the ‘private’ Whatsapp app for daily work updates. Shifting this to Work Chat took a lot of that stress away.

More efficiency and productivity

Here’s the part where you can really fluff up your business case. The money-saving chapter, given the fact Workplace can speed things up and make processes more efficient. All ROI’s on board, let’s go.

Reduce internal e-mail

This is what we heard the most: Workplace reduces my e-mails big time. Think about the never-ending reply to alls, the e-mails you got because you were put in the CC field without any reason, and all of those mailboxes with duty and flagging systems… By communicating in groups, putting comments on posts and tagging others when necessary, this not only will make the thread way more structured, you will see a big mail decline. You might be blank staring at your Inbox Zero at some moment.

Make decisions faster

When fast input is needed, a post on Workplace is enough. Go for design A or B? Are we ok with this version? Just start a poll or post a photo, and feedback will come in quickly.

Save meeting time

By inventing agenda items in advance, starting a live stream during the meeting and writing and posting minutes and actions right away, the meeting is way more efficient.

Collaborate efficiently

No more documents going back and forth endlessly, no multiple platforms to collaborate, just one group for the project team to keep up. It’s just so easy to work on new campaigns or review publications together.

No need for laptops

With the Workplace apps, your employees no longer need to log in on a laptop when they want to see what’s going on. You can even develop bots with integrations with your own systems, so that service requests can be done in the Workplace apps.

The Unexpected!

This isn’t scary, this is the great extra. We’ve seen that if you trust the employees, and if you let them free on Workplace, they will surprise you. Creative ideas will be fostered. Collaborations will happen where you didn’t expect it. Valuable initiatives will come without you planning these. We cannot tell you exactly what will happen. But by giving a platform, by breaking silos and by trusting the employees, you will be surprised.

Hopefully, this gave you some input for writing that business case. But if you’re looking for any additions or details, just get in touch with us. Surely we can give a helping hand

Meet the Author
Harriet Muir
Harriet discovered the power of Workplace when she rolled it out at a large energy company while in their internal comms team. Now she gets to bring together her love of collaboration tech and internal culture with her experience in marketing and storytelling as Enablo's Marketing Manager.

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