Workplace – where work and life party for Probe CX!

ProbeCX is a leading customer experience organization with over 15,000 staff across the Pacific, Asia and North America. Having already worked together to launch Workplace to all Probe CX employees, together we set ourselves the goal of creating one place for all their communications. To do that, we needed to bring their two other brands, Microsourcing and Beepo, onto Workplace too.

Today, we’re excited to welcome over 4,000 new people to Workplace, officially bringing everyone, no matter which part of ProbeCX they work for, into their ‘Homebase’ community for the very first time! 

We’re also proud that we can drive quicker connection to the business for new starters, save time and resources through automation and deliver a great onboarding experience to Probe CX’s people.

With a global team spread across 5 countries, bringing the team together, with the help of Enablo and Workplace from Facebook, has been a dream come true. Our clients and their customers will benefit from the enhanced connection we now have to all of our team members. It truly is a whole-of-business benefit and I’m more than proud of what we have been able to achieve. All of our people now know, there’s no place like Homebase!” – Mark Spencer – Manager of Strategic Projects and Change, ProbeCX.




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