A Guide to Workplace from Meta

by Harriet Muir
Published on June 21, 2021

What is Workplace from Meta?

Workplace from Meta is an internal communications tool developed for entire organisations, connecting every member of your enterprise from top to bottom. Developed by the team at Facebook, Workplace uses the familiar and easily understood format of Facebook. Workplace incorporates similar elements such as a feed, chat, groups, livestreams and more. 

Workplace from Meta has been tailored towards increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of communication within your workplace and across teams, both large and small.

Key Benefits of Using Workplace


Workplace from Meta News Feed

The ease at which your people can access and use Workplace is one of its greatest selling points. Because it’s very similar to Facebook, most people are able to pick up and make use of it far, far quicker than other internal platforms which often require training and ongoing education.

Mobile Access:

Facebook was designed with mobile use in mind, so naturally, Workplace is the same. Your people can access it anywhere, anytime – running between meetings, out on the road visiting customers, juggling childcare at home, or on their coffee break in the store lunch room. The Workplace app has all the functionality of the desktop version so people can access it wherever they need to.

Remote Work: 

Workplace suits remote work perfectly. The focus on mobility, combined with video chatting features and features like Live Video, Chat and Groups make it perfectly suited to use among teams large and small. Communicate with the members of your team or the entire organisation with Workplace Rooms and live video.

Streamlined Communication:

Reaching your entire organisation and creating conversation has been really difficult to achieve in the past, but giving all people within your organisation a voice is easy with Workplace. Share top down communication and get immediate feedback, as well as hear straight from your people as they share their insights, goals, learnings, stories and much more.

Transparent Communication:

Having the ability to connect with all members of your organisation, from the CEO to the frontline, top to bottom, no matter where they are; is one of the key factors that make Workplace such an influential platform. If increasing visibility and engagement between all members of staff is your goal, Workplace can be invaluable. Embrace your company’s culture, foster healthy relationships and transform the way people communicate.

Integrations and automations:

Incorporating Workplace into your day-to-day does not have to require a full overhaul of your IT systems. Workplace integrates with many work platforms like Google Workspace, Dropbox, Microsoft 365, Tanda, Jira, Salesforce, HubSpot, Zoom and more! Enablo also specialises in automating your employee experiences like recognition, shift management, campaign management, helpdesk support and knowledge searching, all through Workplace. Take a look at the Enablo Platform or contact us with your ideas or specific employee experience challenges you’d like to solve. 

Interaction & Culture: 

Just like Facebook is for creating interaction with friends, family and like-minded strangers, Workplace is about creating interaction, collaboration and building culture within an organisation. At a time when many organisations are planning for a future of hybrid work, creating a virtual place where people can come together, regardless of their position or level, is more important than ever. 


Workplace Features


Workplace Groups allow you to communicate, connect, collaborate and share knowledge with the right people in your organisation. Communicate via your company’s official groups, create a group to collaborate on a project, or connect with people over a shared interest.

News Feed

Workplace’s News Feed feature is similar to Facebook’s regular feed and is a timeline of posts, videos, files and more content.

Workplace Chat

Workplace’s Chat feature allows your employees to easily communicate with the rest of the team through direct messages. 

Live Video

Live Video can be used to broadcast a video message to a specific group within Workplace or the entire organisation.

Org Chart

The Org Chart gives your team a visual breakdown of every team member and the company hierarchy.


Events can be created within Workplace for internal meetings, social events, business updates and more. And, it’s integrated with your calendar, so you’ll never miss a Workplace event.

Auto Translate

Workplace’s Auto Translate feature helps your company communicate with other employees in their native language.

Knowledge Library:

The Knowledge Library feature of Workplace allows you to collate and store all critical company resources in one location. 

To find out more about Workplace’s key features, check out our blog post The Ultimate Guide to Workplace from Meta’s Key Features.

Who is Workplace for?

There are several distinct needs that Workplace from Meta is well equipped to address.

Workplace From Facebook Polls Feature

Workplace for Communications

Workplace helps Communications teams achieve more by boosting engagement, amplifying company culture and making leaders more visible. 

Employees want more open and visible leaders. 83% of customers agree that Workplace enables more leadership communication, while 68% say that it allows more transparency on executive decisions.

Workplace features like Chat, Newsfeed and Groups increase employee engagement, with over 90% of  Workplace’s corporate communications customers agreeing that Workplace assists in creating engaging communications and encourages people to join in on conversations. 

Not only does Workplace help keep your team engaged with company-wide communications, but it can also be leveraged to help connect employees from different teams and even different countries through features like Groups and Live Videos.

Human Resources

Workplace can help HR teams attract, train and keep the best talent by making onboarding a breeze. 

Workplace’s Groups allow new employees to make instant connections with their new team and the wider company, and the Knowledge Library is your one stop shop for onboarding documents and policies.

Similarly, with learning and development a key KPI for many employees, Workplace’s learning and knowledge sharing hubs make sharing how-to videos, best practice guides and essential templates easy to access on the go.

Research shows that happy employees are 13% more productive. To help keep your employees happy and motivated, Workplace has created simple ways to give recognition for hard work. Workplace makes it easy to recognize amazing work through achievement posts, as well as reactions and likes on public posts in the News Feed, and Workplace admins can award special badges when an employee hits a milestone!

Frontline Workers

When you connect the dots across your company, you can significantly improve communication, teamwork and culture for frontline employees. Not only that, your people on the frontline are the closest to your customers; giving them a way to share their insights and experiences will drive innovation and customer experience. If you have people out on the frontline, they can use Workplace on their mobile device to be part of the conversation no matter where they are.

Workplace from Meta Pricing

Pricing for Workplace is based on the number of users in your organisation. Workplace Advanced costs $4USD per user per month; Workplace Enterprise (tailored towards more complex organisations)  costs $8USD per person per month.

Workplace Enterprise includes a number of more advanced features, dedicated support, unlimited file storage, and other new capabilities. Discounts are available to non-profits and frontline workers. Read the full breakdown here.

Workplace from Meta Pricing


What Problems does Workplace from Meta Address?

Workplace’s strength lies in its familiarity and ability to package all of the functionality that is required into one central location. Here are some common problems that can be solved with Workplace:

  • Critical information is not easily accessible for employees
  • Remote work is impractical and cumbersome to navigate at scale
  • Large-scale communication is impersonal and difficult
  • Onboarding is inefficient or without structure
  • Company culture is not reflected in an online environment
  • Online collaboration is not intuitive and requires significant effort


How Enablo can Help Your Organisation

For many, work is no longer a place, it’s an experience. At Enablo, we are digitizing work in order to build the best-distributed work experiences and drive connection, communication, collaboration and productivity for everyone, anywhere. Whether your people are serving customers, out on the road, collaborating in an office, or juggling kids while working from home, we want them to do their best work, together.

Through our partnerships with Workplace from Meta, Google Workspace and Asana, we work alongside our customers to launch and embed the tools, then measure and drive their ongoing success. A founding partner of Workplace from Meta, we’ve helped hundreds of organizations transform their culture and the way they work with Workplace.

Read Our Case Studies.

Enablo helped the Coffee Club onboard to Workplace from Meta


Contact us today to begin your Workplace journey. Whether you’re already on the platform, or you’re looking to transition yourself over; our services span all stages of your journey. 

Learn more about our Services.

Workplace from Meta FAQs

Which companies use Workplace from Meta?

Some of Australia’s most well-known and trusted organisations have transformed their employee experience with Workplace from Metaincluding Virgin Australia Group, Super Retail Group NBN, NAB, Bunnings, Queensland Police Service and Freedom. Other international organisations include Spotify, ASOS, Deliveroo and Domino’s.

How can I set up a Workplace from Meta account?

Setting up your account is easy! Sign up and start a 30-day free trial at workplace.com or contact the team at Enablo if you’d like to talk about how Workplace can help your organisation and how we can help you launch and embed the platform to create sustainable change. 

How many members does Workplace from Meta have?

Workplace has more than 7 million paid users around the globe. This number has accelerated rapidly over the past year, as businesses have found Workplace to be a critical piece of their hybrid-work strategy driven by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Where is data for my Workplace instance stored?

Workplace infrastructure is the same as Facebook’s web (www) environment. Within this environment, Workplace from Meta data is stored on the same servers used to store data originating from Facebook’s www platform.

Is Workplace data publicly accessible?

All data with a managed Workplace community will be retained within the boundaries of the community. These boundaries restrict the ability to access and view content to only those enterprise users that belong to the managed community; thus, no content is publicly accessible. If you have more questions about Workplace’s security and privacy, check out our security FAQs.

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