The Remote Working Women of Enablo – Kate Cross

by Harriet Muir
Published on March 21, 2020

As International Women’s Day becomes a distant memory, surpassed by the global pandemic of COVID-19 sweeping the world, we’re realising, more than ever, that connection is vital to our existence.

International Women’s Day, #EachtoEqual encourages us to remember that especially now, communication and understanding need to remain a focus.

As many women and men are remote working, how are we surviving this change of routine? Some of us are managing a full-time job, along with full-time parenting duties. We asked Kate to share her remote working experience, along with how equal and supported she really feels at work (Enablo).

How does a remote working environment impact you and the way you work?

The first thing I do is check what’s happening on the news and on Workplace because that makes me feel like I know what’s going on in the world – from a global perspective and a work perspective.

During the day, I call clients over video chat, write meeting notes, follow-ups and project tasks on Workplace to make sure we’re all on the same page. I’ll make sure I have lunch (although mostly I just eat snacks all day) and then finish the day by touching base with some of my colleagues.

Even if it’s just a virtual coffee, it makes so much difference to maintaining that sense of connection. The day also involves lots of tea, slippers and the occasional interruption from my hungry cat. As a people person, I definitely struggle with working alone and I’m just making sure that I am doing everything to manage my mental health, like exercising and reaching out to people as often as I can. Even if it’s just something small like sending a funny meme or a GIF, it’s important to spread happiness and humour at times like this.

“What qualities do you think are most important for women within the Tech Industry?”

Confidence. ‘Backing yourself’ sounds cliche but it’s absolutely true. No one else will back you as much as you. Be empathetic. It gives you the ability to work with anyone and to understand their unique point of view. Everyone comes from different backgrounds and has different life experiences, it’s important to respect that and learn from others. Also having a real drive to learn by seeking out people that challenge you and listening to them. Often this leads to thinking differently and asking what is possible, not what has been done before – that’s always a good thing!

“How has your unique background prepared you for success in the industry?”

Being a woman has definitely allowed me to approach work differently. Diversity of opinion and process is a really good thing as it’s a sign of strength within any team. That’s not limited to gender either, it’s important to have diversity across the board. My experience in Customer Success has also given me insights into creating a great customer journey and how important the customer experience is to any business. This led me to realise how important employee experience is and by extension, having a good work culture.

“Who are your role models for women in the tech industry?”

I’ve been really fortunate to work with lots of really great women. Some of the best leaders in the industry are women and it’s great to see. The biggest influence in my life has been my own mother. She has worked harder than anyone I’ve ever known and she taught me resilience, independence and to back myself on being able to handle whatever comes my way. Of course, there are women like Julie Bishop, Mia Freedman and Michelle Obama that I really admire because of their intelligence and warmth.

“Do you notice a lack of women in the technology industry? If so, why do you think that’s the case?”

I would love to see more women kicking goals in all industries, simply because women have a lot to offer and can really add value to any team. Women are great at building authentic relationships with our natural emotional intelligence. That’s something that we know is the cornerstone for building a great work culture. We are also good at problem-solving, especially when you’re dealing with complex business challenges. In other words, women are a massive asset and that’s something I think should be celebrated.

“What do you feel companies should offer their women?”

No matter who you are or what you do, you want to feel valued at work. At the end of the day, it’s really human and really simple… women just want equal opportunities to showcase their skills and talents, and to be recognised for them.

We hope you enjoyed a bit of background on our experienced consultant, Kate Cross. Tune in for our upcoming Women of Enablo and hear their stories. How are you managing remote working? Enablo can launch your organization with Workplace in five business days. Learn how!


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Harriet discovered the power of Workplace when she rolled it out at a large energy company while in their internal comms team. Now she gets to bring together her love of collaboration tech and internal culture with her experience in marketing and storytelling as Enablo's Marketing Manager.

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