Workplace empowers ‘Linksters’ to deliver leading payment tech

by Kate Cross
Published on July 1, 2021

These days we take for granted that when we pay for that takeaway coffee or purchase online, we’ll tap our Apple pay or pop in our card details and voila, we are on our merry way with our purchase. We don’t have to think about the smart software working in the background that makes our experience seamless. That software is built by companies like Linkly – Australia and New Zealand’s leading integrated payments provider. Recognising that a positive employee experience is critical to delivering this seamless customer experience, today Linkly launched Workplace from Meta – a communication tool that connects everyone organisation-wide. Workplace will connect Linkly’s people no matter where they are working from, bring Linkly’s culture to life and empower everyone in the organisation to accelerate product development, celebrate customer wins and have their say in the company’s future direction.

Having worked with Kate and the Enablo team to launch Workplace in a previous company, it was a no-brainer for Linkly CEO Frerk-Malte Feller to bring them in again. 

From a leadership perspective, Workplace is a must-have, allowing me to interact with the entire Linkly team and deliver critical communications all in real-time. As a result, it will increase everyone’s access to information, align everyone to our strategic direction, speed up decision making and empower our people to do their best work.  Enablo knows the power of Workplace like few others and is an obvious partner to achieve massive impact pretty much overnight,” Malte says.

Made up mostly of software engineers, the Linkly team already had communication tools for sharing ideas. But, explains Linkly’s Head of People and Culture Loren Taylor, nothing is like Workplace, which can bring about entirely new levels of transparency and deepen collaboration. 

“Workplace is a key tool in our arsenal for building the best employee experience and culture and, as a result, the best product for our customers,” Loren says. 


Linkly launches Workplace, just in the nick of time

Linkly worked with Enablo over two short weeks to prepare for and launch Workplace. This rapid delivery, which involved leadership team workshops and champions onboarding, came just in time for sudden COVID-19 lockdowns across Australia and New Zealand forcing employees to move to remote working. 


Officially launching today, Linkly employees will be encouraged to claim their Workplace account and take part in a company-wide ‘treasure hunt’ on the platform. Aside from a bit of fun, searching for hidden prizes will encourage Linksters to explore Workplace and familiarise themselves with how it all works.

With 100% of Linkly’s Workplace champions already active on the platform, the project team is excited to see all Linksters jumping on board over the coming days.  

Daragh McGrath, CEO Enablo says, “As Workplace’s number one partner, we know that the most successful companies are those who invest in delivering the best employee experience to their people. I am thrilled to partner with Malte again to help bring this to life for all Linkly people”. 

Meet the Author
Kate Cross
One of Enablo’s talented Experience Managers, Kate helps customers like Super Retail Group, Afterpay and Virgin Australia deliver best-in-class employee experiences through Workplace. With a career in tech across Customer Success, Marketing and Comms roles, Kate is passionate about helping organisations transform culture, build a rich, inclusive and connected community and future-proof their communications. 

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