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by Laura Nicol
Published on November 18, 2021

On average, people spend two-thirds of their time on ‘work about work’ instead of getting into the good stuff, affecting productivity, morale and culture. The good news is that repetitive tasks, unnecessary admin and context switches can be solved through automations to help employees do more focused work.

Enablo has built free and premium automations on Workplace so organizations can help streamline work and improve the employee experience. So, let’s dive a little deeper into context switching and learn more about our brand-new automation that extends the functionalities of Workplace to improve Online Learning and education at work.

Context switching is one of today’s biggest barriers to employee productivity, and switching between apps makes it harder to get essential work done. By simplifying the learning experience, today’s frontline and distributed workforce can enjoy a more positive employee experience which is why (drum roll please…) we’ve teamed up with Go1 to make their Go1 Content Hub accessible directly in Workplace. We’ve called it “Learning Assistant” and it’s a brand new service that integrates with your Workplace platform so you can easily adapt and start learning.

Learning in the flow of your everyday work

Go1 helps millions of people in thousands of organizations reimagine digital learning delivery for all employees at all levels.

According to Tech Jury, 42% of companies enjoy increased profits after investing in digital learning. But for many organizations, investing in L&D programs is only part of the challenge; employees are busy, and learning new ecosystems can be complex.

Luckily, the transformational learning gurus at Go1 have a solution!

Go1 removes the barriers to accessing learning by bringing the biggest names in eLearning under one roof – empowering your workforce to learn in the flow of work using the apps they are already using. And here’s the exciting part… Workplace users can now explore and learn with their company directly within Workplace from any device, available from a single company subscription. Say hello to the world’s largest digital learning library of over 100,000 eLearning resources – designed with relevant training courses to upskill, retrain and retain employees, and for leadership to reach their strategy. So, can we get a hell yeah from our HR and L&D leaders!?

Go1 dreamt of it. And we helped create it

Daragh McGrath, CEO of Enablo, says giving distributed teams the tools to work better is what we live for at Enablo.

“We’re living in a global boom of distributed working, so it’s a no-brainer for online learning to be an essential part of the employee experience puzzle,” he says.


“Go1’s an innovative solution that removes the hassle of juggling multiple vendors – essentially becoming the only online learning subscription that you need. The team at Go1 wanted to design a chatbot that would allow frontline workers to find, consume and discuss learning resources within Workplace. We loved the idea, and our technical team got to work to bring this custom automation to life.


“Automating the delivery of the learning experience is a simple way to diversify L&D programs for every department and skill, so we can’t wait to get our first customers on board and hear what their frontline workers have to say.”

Someone that’s as stoked as us to see Go1 arrive on Workplace is Go1’s CEO and co-founder Andrew Barnes.

“Facebook from Meta has already revolutionized how people connect, and now with Workplace, that same technology can connect teams in a work setting,” says Andrew.


“When organizations use unified communication tools, people become closer, teamwork gets faster, and culture gets stronger. Combine that with learning and development opportunities that are proven to boost retention, and organizations can deliver more value to their customers.


“To celebrate our partnership with Enablo, we’re proud to be offering Enablo’s Workplace customers access to 20 free wellness courses from providers including Blinkist, Lifeline, Mental Health Movement and ViaUp. As we close another Covid-filled year, we hope this helps facilitate active conversations about mental health and wellbeing for everyone in these organizations.”

Let’s get started

Now’s the chance for Enablo’s Workplace customers to experience just how easy it is to accelerate Learning and Development in your organization (and automate it too). Sign up for Go1 via Enablo and try it out for free*. Just reach out to Enablo via this link to gain free access to 20 wellness courses for your organization (for a limited time). Learn more about our Learning Assistant here, and other Workplace automations here.

Keen to explore how Workplace and Go1 could support your organization’s Learning and Development experience? Get in touch!

 *Exclusive offer for Enablo Workplace customers.

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Laura is part brand and marketing, part PR and media, part communications and content, part EX. As Enablo's Marketing Manager, she’s uniquely placed to help our customers share their stories and drive awareness of our partnerships with Workplace from Meta, Google Workspace and Asana.

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