Internal Comms teams rejoice, Workplace from Meta is here!

by Fae Were
Published on August 22, 2022

Ah, Internal Comms teams. You’re the people behind the scenes making things happen, often coming up against roadblocks and having to think on your feet to devise a workaround. You’re all superstars. 

And I get it. I spent five years managing Internal Comms and quickly became a seasoned pro at the workaround! (We did have a communications tool, but now is not the time to be yammering on about that… 😉)

After joining Enablo and experiencing the magic of Workplace from Meta firsthand, it quickly became apparent that this incredible tool would have completely revolutionized the way I worked in my previous role, freeing me up to concentrate on the stuff that mattered. 

And there’s actual data to back that up; according to the latest Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™ study, Workplace from Meta saves HR and communications professionals five hours a week due to efficient communication. That’s 12.5% of a forty-hour workweek you get back!

So let me put my ‘Internal Comms hat’ back on for a moment and tell you a few of my favorite Workplace features that will transform how your team operates. 

Manage executive communications with Draft For

A time and sanity saver, for sure, ‘Draft for’ lets you draft posts on behalf of executives who can quickly review, approve, and publish across Workplace. 

Without Workplace, you’re likely juggling multiple drafts in email chains, trying and failing to get your exec on the phone to guide them through the process, or you might even be using their username and password to log in and post communications on their behalf (true story 👀). 

But with Workplace, you maintain editorial control by creating a fully-formatted ready-to-publish post while enabling your executives to communicate authentically. Everyone wins! 

Connect your executive team to your entire workforce with Live Video 

Who remembers the days of company-wide broadcasts over conference-call? When all the checks are in place, but the call exceeds capacity because people dial in individually instead of as a team, and half the business misses out. 😩🆘 

Or perhaps you’re a distributed organization with offices around the country, and it’s going to take a miracle (or an extra month in the year) to align executives’ calendars and get them out in front of their people. A miracle or you could just try Workplace’s Live Video feature.

Live video is a personal and authentic way for your leaders to share their vision and build relationships with employees.

It can be spontaneous and informal, like going live from mobile during a visit to a shop or office.  Or you can schedule more structured broadcasts, such as town hall meetings, with multiple hosts, screen sharing, Q&A, polls, and live-stream metrics.

It doesn’t matter if your people are in HQ, on the frontline, or working from the home office – live video reaches them all! Videos are automatically posted to Workplace, meaning anyone who misses the live action can catch up later. 

And how much more engaging is a live video with questions and comments appearing in real-time versus a conference call with zero interactivity? #just saying… 🙃

Use Knowledge Library as your company’s intranet

The old-style intranet we all knew and loathed. You couldn’t access it unless you were in the office and on a desktop connected to the network (bad luck, frontline employees, or anyone not tied to their desk). Nobody seemed to know who owned what or why there were three different versions of the same policy document floating around. Good luck trying to fix any of that; you had to log it with IT, or maybe do it yourself and delete a whole section in the process. Did I mention the search function? Thirty-seven pages of results, not one thing relevant to your search! 

Oh, the frustration. But that won’t happen on Workplace’s watch! 

Knowledge Library brings your most essential company information in one place for better team alignment and employee engagement.

Not sitting at a desktop in the office? No worries! Designed with mobile in mind, your teams can access the information in Knowledge Library on any device or in any location.

It’s intuitive and straightforward to use without IT support. Anyone in your Workplace community can be given access to create new pages using the same simple and familiar tools for content creation as the rest of Workplace. 

And, of course, there is targeted search functionality, so you won’t need to set aside an entire afternoon to trawl through those results. 😉

Get time back to do the stuff that matters

And so I find myself back at my earlier point, and it really is this simple; the functionality within Workplace will transform how you manage Internal Comms in your organization. It will free you up from devising workarounds and solving logistical riddles, so you can focus your time on doing the things that truly add value – and what’s not to love about that proposition?!

So get in touch today, and we’ll help get you started on your Workplace journey. Just think what you could achieve across those five extra hours in your week!

Or, if you’re not quite ready for a chat, click here to learn a little more about our Workplace from Meta services.

Meet the Author
Fae Were
Fae’s spent the past thirteen years working in brand and internal communications roles across the Construction and Recruitment industries, in New Zealand and the United Kingdom. With experience rolling out workplace tools in her previous role, Fae understands the realities firsthand.

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