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Hello, I'm Daragh


I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself in a little more detail, and provide you some more details as to why, along with my awesome co-founders Dave & Mark (more from them soon!), I decided to start Enablo.

My career has been split into two pretty even parts, in the first part, I was hands on with technology, focused on building networks and systems at internet providers. The second part, the part that I am in now, is focused on end users. I have spent most of the past decade helping employees be more productive and collaborative in the workplace. Most of this was done whilst leading growth at Cloud Sherpas in Australia, helping organisations adopt Google's productivity tools. 

I then spent some time at Microsoft, helping customers adopt their Azure cloud computing platform. It was during this time that the idea for Enablo started to come together over many coffee's and beers with Dave & Mark. I re-confirmed that my passion was in helping users be more collaborative and productive.

Around the same time, Facebook started to talk about a product that they were trialling with a handful of large enterprise customers around the world, a product that we now know as Workplace by Facebook. To me, Workplace is the holy grail of collaboration for a business. A familiar name and interface, used by almost 2 billion people around the world with the enterprise security and controls required by any business from a corporate collaboration tool. Add to this a mobile experience that far exceeds any competitors in this space and you have the perfect storm. Workplace will not only increase collaboration in your business, it will transform how you do business.

By 2020, 50% of the global workforce will be millenials, and this generation expects, and demands a work experience that is similar to that of their personal life. They are on the go, constantly liking and sharing and are taking over from the older generations. Facebook understand this in a way that no other does. 

So, seeing this momentum and shift in the market is what brought me to start Enablo. Whilst Workplace provides a familiar user interface, rolling any new collaboration toolset into a business requires considered planning, clear communications and a rocking go-live experience. We have a team that can do this, and are busy building out this team with additional resources to allow us to capture the excitement in the market. 

We are also seeing that once organisations adopt and enable Workplace, that's where the real fun begins! Building integrations into legacy systems (HR, Finance, CRM, Training, Expenses) and surfacing these through Digital Assitants (bots) will truly transform how people do their jobs, and increase personal and business productivity. 

That's a little about me and my story. I look forward to sharing our journey as a business, our thoughts around Workplace and our customer success stories with anyone who reads this blog over the coming weeks, months and years!

Daragh McGrath

Daragh is CEO at Enablo