Nothing’s impossible for Grill’d with Workplace from Meta

by Kate Cross
Published on November 16, 2021

When a food chain like Grill’d launches a new product and menu, to us as customers, things are seamless. We see a big beautiful ad that says “eat me!”, we wander into a store displaying the shiny new menu, we’re greeted by a team member with the signature Grill’d welcome, we order the new menu item and it’s prepared and served to perfection, we devour said new menu item 🍔 😋.  What we may not consider is that getting to this point takes a heck of a lot of cross-team coordination, information-sharing, and excitement-building behind the scenes. 

Luckily for Grill’d, with their recent launch of the Impossible Burger (a burger made from plants that taste like meat 🍔 🌱 😱), they had the digital tool to coordinate that massive team effort – Workplace from Meta.


With a young demographic of employees across company-owned and franchise restaurants, Grill’d leaders were looking for a way to consistently communicate with their 4500 team members, source innovation and share success. Some had turned to Whatsapp groups to do this, leading to an inconsistent experience and silos of communication. While some forward-thinking restaurants and teams across Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia had adopted Workplace and were already seeing the benefits.

“These new connections help our Grill’d community build a culture of more open and candid communication which boosts everyone’s morale and productivity. Workplace has helped us train and educate our team, share best practice, celebrate wins, reward and recognise our team and have a lot of fun along the way!” Sarah Watson – Assistant Restaurant Manager.

Teams from Victoria put together a video trailer welcoming the rest of Grill’d to Workplace ahead of the national rollout. Special mention to Edward Moreno, Restaurant Manager who deserves an Oscar for making this awesome video possible.


With all of the success seen in these regions, Grill’d’s Support Office knew that Workplace was the tool to drive consistency in their communication across the entire business. They also knew that, with the Impossible Burger hitting their menus, it was important to have the tool in place to rally their people ahead of the launch. Having seen similar hospitality organisations partner with Enablo to successfully roll out Workplace, Grill’d reached out to us and the rest is history!

“Some might say it’s not possible, signing up to launch software enterprise-wide in the space of three weeks, especially while dealing with the ongoing impacts of COVID across many of our restaurants. But, Workplace is so easy to use and, with the support of Enablo, we knew we were in safe hands. Sure enough, we worked together to hit all our deadlines and already have 76% of our people active on Workplace. It’s been nothing short of a success and has already allowed for a much deeper connection with our restaurants across the country!” – Stephanie Day, Internal Comms.

“Workplace makes it so easy for me to connect with my team members, even when I’m not in restaurant with them. And it’s pretty cool to be able to see all the great stuff happening in other restaurants and our Support Office. I’m really proud of our people and what we do and I am so happy that there’s now a place to see all of that, in real-time. Workplace really brings Grill’d to life!” – James Cross, Restaurant Manager.

Where it all happens – on Workplace!

A big part of the launch success has been the backing of Grill’d’s senior leadership team including Founder Simon Crowe. 

“In the past, we have been heavily reliant on our regional, area and restaurant managers to deliver messages through to our restaurant teams. This naturally led to some inconsistencies across our 140+ restaurants. With Workplace, we can now deliver the same message instantly, for everyone in the team to view. Connection, Growth and Belonging are key attributes to our culture and we are excited that Workplace will bring us all closer together.” – Simon Crowe, Founder and Managing Director.

Supporting local communities is also something deeply ingrained in the values and strategy at Grill’d with their Local Matters initiative contributing $6 million to local causes over the past 10 years. Workplace will play a key role in amplifying the program. 

“Supporting our local communities is something that’s close to all of our hearts here at Grill’d. Our Local Matters program is driven by our restaurant teams and I know that through sharing ideas and telling stories on Workplace we’ll be able to take it to all new heights, which I’m personally really excited about too.” Amy Dickinson – Project Manager.

Let the pictures do the talking!

Founder and Managing Director Simon Crowe doesn’t let being on the go stop him from checking in with the team! In his launch day livestream, Simon asked people to share the love by commenting their favourite thing about Grill’d – a great way to get the team engaged on Workplace and spreading the feel-good culture vibes!

Filming a training video to teach the team how to make the new Impossible Burger – to be shared on Workplace of course!

Known for their commitment to sustainability, Grill’d is using their new ‘From farm to plate’ group on Workplace to share stories of their suppliers

Using Workplace events to coordinate store team meetings is a great way to reach frontline staff on their mobiles whether they’re on or off shift.

What better way to champion our new world of work than with a livestream from home. Jon Swann, Grill’d’s Chief Strategy Officer did just this to welcome Grill’d onto Workplace.

CEO, Adam Stapleton checking in from South Yarra.

Workplace is a place to share work wins as well as personal wins – like getting out for your first run post lock down! We hear you Aaron!

Inspired by Grill’d’s story? Find out how you can bring Workplace to your organisation!

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Kate Cross
One of Enablo’s talented Experience Managers, Kate helps customers like Super Retail Group, Afterpay and Virgin Australia deliver best-in-class employee experiences through Workplace. With a career in tech across Customer Success, Marketing and Comms roles, Kate is passionate about helping organisations transform culture, build a rich, inclusive and connected community and future-proof their communications. 

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