Festive Frames for Workplace

by Dave Nixon
Published on May 21, 2019

Tis the season to start giving ???? In the spirit of giving back, the team at Enablo have a free gift for Workplace customers everywhere — just in time for the holiday season (and beyond)!

Say hello to Profile Frames. Amplify your organisation’s culture with your own set of Workplace profile frames.

Join the Profile Frames by Enablo multi-company group to get started and learn more. We’ve included two profile frame packs to get you going this holiday season.

Want to create your own frames? Go ahead! Be creative! Profile Frames is easy to customise and extend. Use Profile Frames for all kinds of things:

– Brand, behaviours and values
– Major milestones and important initiatives
– Recognition, awards and badges
– Leader, group and team branding.

This guide is hopefully all you need to get up and running with the Profile Frames bot.

You or someone you know needs to have System Administrator access on Workplace in order to configure Profile Frames as a Custom Integration via the Workplace Admin Panel.  Ask to join the Workplace group ‘Profile Frames by Enablo’ so you can post any questions directly in the group.

Step 1: Sign up at Enablo.io

Enablo.io is Enablo’s companion platform for Workplace. It’s here you’ll find a number of our free Workplace integrations/bots, including Profile Frames.

– Go to https://platform.enablo.com/ to register for Enablo.io and create an account
– You’ll receive a verification email in your inbox
– Verify your account and you should now have access to Enablo.io ((https://platform.enablo.com/)

Step 2: Configure Profile Frames as a Custom Integration

At this point in time our Profile Frames integration/bot is a custom integration install for Workplace. The video below walks you through the install steps a Workplace System Administrator will need to perform.

If the video isn’t showing above for some reason, here is the video post for easy reference.

Step 3: Customise the Profile Frame dialogue and image frames to your liking

You’ll notice that Enablo.io allows you to customise the Profile Frames conversation/dialogue and add your own profile frame images. We have two profile frame packs you’re welcome to use:

– Holiday Season Pack (4 frames), download from https://platform.enablo.com/.

Holiday Season Pack

– Confetti Pack (4 frames), download from https://platform.enablo.com/.


If you’re looking to create your own profile frames you can use the above packs as a reference for a graphic designer to follow. All you need is two images for each profile frame:

1. Profile Frame transparent PNG image that’s a 1:1 aspect ratio (square). This is the image that will overlay the person’s profile photo. We use 1000px by 1000px dimensions on our frames to ensure the image will scale down and look good on retina screens.

2. Profile Frame Preview image that’s a 16:9 aspect ratio (widescreen). This is the image that gets presented to the person when showcasing the frames to choose from. We use a 1778px by 1000px dimensions on our frame previews. You’ll notice in our profile frame preview/placeholder images we fill the blank space (outside of the centred 1:1 profile frame) with a black background.

Any questions? Need help?

Just post in your Enablo Multi-Company Group or contact us at Enablo.


Meet the Author
Dave Nixon
One of our three Co-founders, Dave is Enablo’s Chief Experience Officer. An enterprise collaboration engineer and problem solver at heart, he has experience across the tech industry working for the likes of Google, PwC and Cloud Sherpas.

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