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Enablo Radio

The team here at Enablo love music, just as much as we love Workplace by Facebook! So recently, I was really excited when my colleague Mark told us that he was working on creating a shared station for us all on Spotify called Enablo Radio and allowing us to control the radio station from inside Workplace.

Enablo Radio is a neat idea because we all work from remote locations for a large amount of the time, so not only does it give us a common playlist, but it also allows the entire company to listen to the same music through the day - a nice little company culture add-on.

What really brings Enablo Radio to life however, is that it is more than just a shared playlist. Mark built a digital assistant (if you're interested in the how, you can read more about how over on our tech blog) which sits inside the Enablo Radio group on Workplace.

When an employee shares a link to a song on Spotify, the assistant instantly and automatically adds it to Spotify. The benefit of all of this happening inside a group is that it allows the whole team to see who added what, and comment / react as they see fit.


Enablo Radio Screenshot.png

The above image shows a recent post to the Enablo Radio group in Workplace, along with reactions and comments from various team members.

We think that this is just a nice simple demonstration of some of the power that having Workplace connected to your various other applications that you use in your daily life can help your team be more productive and collaborative, whilst also increasing the engagement across your team and the sense of community inside your organisation regardless of role or location.

If you're interested in seeing Enablo Radio in action, Mark has recorded a quick video demonstration which I've included below


If you would like to learn more about how to leverage tools such as this in your business, please don't hesitate to get in touch


Daragh McGrath

Daragh is CEO at Enablo