Second year in a row: Enablo named in the CRN Fast50

by Laura Nicol
Published on November 24, 2021

We’re here today to announce some exciting news ????

Four years ago, Enablo launched and embedded Workplace for our first-ever customer (Goulburn-Murray Water) in Melbourne, Australia, being among the first to forge a partnership with Workplace from Meta globally. For our co-founders (Mark Wyman, Dave Nixon and Daragh McGrath), establishing Enablo was an opportunity to connect organizations (the users) to the magic (a digital workplace tool) to transform corporate culture and the way companies worked, forever.

Since then, our mission to digitize the world of work has seen us transform companies into communities, creating digital workplaces where every employee, regardless of their role, belongs, feels valued and does their best work, together. As a result, our ‘Magic Moments’ Workplace group is *full to the brim* with SO many happy customer wins and stories that it fills our [employee experience] hearts with joy! And the proof is in the pudding with upwards of 180 organizations and over half a million users adopting this platform via Enablo as their internal communication channel of choice.

Bringing organizations the best digital tools

Customers love the new freedom that Workplace provides their organizations, but with people now working from anywhere, we saw an opportunity in early 2021 to further enhance the employee experience. Not only could we offer an ecosystem for communication, but we had an opportunity to transform everyday work by offering tools to solve and create in real-time and move work forward.

Our solution? We expanded our global channel partner network – adding two more digital tools that could work together at scale. Welcoming Asana (team collaboration and work management) and Google Workspace (productivity and collaboration) to our service offering meant we could help organizations move faster and coordinate their work seamlessly, no matter where they were located.

And with growth comes recognition for our ANZ business

In what has been a tumultuous and transformative year in Australian IT, we’re delighted to announce that we’ve been named Australia’s 33rd fastest-growing company in the CRN Fast50.

Excited about the achievement, Daragh McGrath, CEO of Enablo, says it’s thanks to these strategic partnerships, our innovative customers and the talented Enablo team, that we continue to create impact.

“The world of work has changed forever and is continuing to evolve at a pace that we’ve never seen before. It’s fantastic to be celebrated amongst Australia’s fastest-growing channel companies and to see all three of our channel partners experience rapid growth in 2021 due to digitalization during Covid,” he says.


“Fostering connection, communication, collaboration, cooperation and coordination in the workplace is at the heart of what we do. Through our partnerships with Workplace, Asana and Google, we’re helping organizations create a culture of connection and inclusivity that empowers everyone in the business to thrive – from frontline to head office.


“It’s a ‘feel good’ mission to deliver the ultimate employee experience, and I’m blown away by our team’s energy and excitement to make an impact in this space every single day. And we’re pumped and ready to drive more innovation in 2022 so watch this space.”

Take a look at the video below to find out more about Enablo’s recognition and find out more about the CRN Fast50 here.

We’re excited for what’s next

While this CRN Fast50 recognition sits with our ANZ business, we’re excited to share that we’ve also made a significant mark in the US this quarter. The US economy is recovering and it’s promising to see the resurgence in the market as organizations find their feet in the hybrid future of work.

With this in mind, it’s an exciting time for Enablo and our US partnerships with Workplace and Asana. To ensure we can continue to offer personalized solutions and results focussed on customer success, we’ve doubled our headcount over the past two months, welcoming Sinead, Jake and Sabrina to the team. They’ll be joining Michael, Nick and Shamus with a focus on business development, customer success and marketing.

The frosting on the Thanksgiving pie? We’ve welcomed over 3,000 new users to Workplace this quarter, and we’re delighted to be actively co-designing the future of work across the home, health care, hospitality, and professional engineering industries. By year’s end, we’ll also welcome another 1,700 new users to Workplace. Now, did someone say, PIE?! Happy Thanksgiving to our North American friends.

If you’d like to talk about your digital workplace, employee experience, or digital culture, please get in touch!

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Laura Nicol
Laura is part brand and marketing, part PR and media, part communications and content, part EX. As Enablo's Marketing Manager, she’s uniquely placed to help our customers share their stories and drive awareness of our partnerships with Workplace from Meta, Google Workspace and Asana.

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