Enablo joins Asana Partners

by Harriet Muir
Published on April 15, 2021

Enablo announces it’s an Asana Channel Partner delivering solutions for distributed work

Brisbane, Australia (April 15, 2021) – Enablo, today announced it’s joined the newly launched Asana Partners, expanding Asana’s global Channel Partner network of trusted providers offering professional services to ensure success with Asana. Asana Partners help companies of all sizes enhance and advance their digital transformation efforts, enabling them to deploy with confidence, learn from experts and gain access to custom solutions.

Asana’s global Channel network connects customers with leading solutions, reseller and systems integrator experts in 75 countries to eliminate information silos and help organizations coordinate their work with clarity. Hand-selected for their capabilities in enterprise software and change management, partners offer professional and technical services to ensure success for distributed workers, from deploying Asana to setting up workflows to building custom solutions. Undergoing a rigorous certification program, partners offer training and resources covering a wide range of needs and skills, across teams and timezones. From planning and prioritizing projects, to setting goals and staying aligned, Channel Partners help organizations fast track their digital transformation efforts.

Enablo is a leader for Digital Employee Experience in Asia Pacific, helping organizations connect their distributed workforce and transform everyday work by using some of the best digital tools like Asana. Consider Enablo an extension of your team, here to help you to articulate the case for change, deliver your digital toolkit, track your return on investment, and deliver positive, sustainable change over the long term.

“With people now working from anywhere, work coordination is more important than ever, and Enablo is excited to partner with Asana enabling teams to work together effortlessly,” said Daragh McGrath, CEO Enablo. “Enablo’s mission is to digitize the world of work and enable new work experiences that are accessible to everyone, anywhere. We’ve helped hundreds of customers on their ultimate employee experience journey and look forward to enabling organizations to deliver work clarity at scale with Asana’s powerful work management platform.”

“With the launch of Asana Partners, we’re thrilled to be expanding our global Channel Partner network, helping our customers accelerate their use of Asana and achieve success, whether they’re collaborating in-person or remotely, ” said Mary-Patton Eisen, Global Head of Channel Partnerships, Asana. “Our trusted Channel Partners, including Enablo, are enabling our customers to unlock more value from Asana by providing them with a single platform for distributed work that enables them to move faster and coordinate their work seamlessly, no matter where they are located.”

Asana helps more than 93,000 paying organizations and millions of free organizations across 190 countries orchestrate their work, from small projects to strategic initiatives. Leading companies rely on Asana to manage everything from company objectives to digital transformation to product launches and marketing campaigns. 

For more information about Asana Partners and how it can benefit your business, visit: asana.com/partners

About Enablo:

At Enablo, we are digitizing work in order to build the best distributed work experiences and drive connection, communication, collaboration and coordination at work for everyone, anywhere. We do this through our partnerships with Asana, Workplace from Meta and Google Workspace, working side-by-side with our customers to launch and embed the tools, then measure and drive their ongoing success. We’ve helped hundreds of organizations transform their culture to empower people to do their best work, together. For more information, contact us at enablo.com/asana

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Harriet discovered the power of Workplace when she rolled it out at a large energy company while in their internal comms team. Now she gets to bring together her love of collaboration tech and internal culture with her experience in marketing and storytelling as Enablo's Marketing Manager.

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