Enablo is taking its first steps into the metaverse

Published on April 11, 2022

Five years is a long time in the world of technology. For example, five years ago, next to no one had googled the term ‘NFT’ yet.

We all know how that went:

Five years has also been a long time in the history of Enablo, too. In 2017, Enablo was just a glimmer in the eye of Dave Nixon,Mark Wyman, and I. Even back then, we could see that there was a better way to work, and in the years since we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of employees do just that. We’ve also grown to around 50 employees across Australia, the United States, and New Zealand, with many more joining us this year. And incredibly, we’ve become the world’s biggest Workplace from Meta partner, alongside our rapidly-growing partnership with work management platform Asana.

But throughout all that change and growth, our mission has remained the same – helping all businesses and, more importantly, their employees to communicate and collaborate better, using the best tools available today.

But what about the tools of the future?

We always adopt the technology we sell, and because of that, we know how bewildering it can be to start planning how your workplace should operate in the future. Wading through the hype to find products with the potential to provide genuine utility and value isn’t easy. Most tools aren’t designed with enterprise in mind and engagement at their core.

So we are investing to help you work better; with a new division and team called Enablo Reality Labs.

It will work closely with Meta’s own Reality Labs to help bring the world of work into the metaverse – a network of linked and explorable digital worlds that employers can use to bring distributed teams together.

We believe these immersive tools will finally give us the power to equalize the workplace for all employees, no matter where or how they choose to work. And we believe Enablo is in a great position to help guide the creation of these products because we have intimate, on-the-ground knowledge of what works best in some of the biggest and most successful organizations worldwide.

Introducing our Head of Reality Labs

Leading this team will be an exciting challenge but no small feat. And I am excited to introduce you to Nathan Bazley, who has agreed to take the reins and guide this team into the future. He comes to us with many years of experience in the immersive technology space, leading the development of several AR and VR apps, establishing the first XR team within the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, and advising a number of businesses on XR strategy and Virtual Production technology.

Our shared vision for Enablo Reality Labs is that it will become an essential communication, collaboration, and culture platform for the hybrid office of the future. To achieve our vision, we’ll create immersive technologies to seamlessly blend employees across a myriad of physical locations into one connected, inclusive, and dynamic workforce.

We know how powerful a connected and engaged workforce can be. And that’s what Nathan and Enablo Reality Labs will be laser-focused on delivering through their future products and services. But he can’t do it alone – that’s why we’d love to hear from any businesses interested in harnessing the power and potential of the metaverse to improve their work in the future.

We’d love to bring you along on this exciting journey; folding your feedback in as we build. We can also help to show you how you can take your first steps towards the metaverse today with better, more dynamic communication tools that keep your workforce in touch and engaged.

It’s a long road ahead, but I’m looking forward to seeing what we can all create together.

Learn more about Enablo Reality Labs

If you’re interested in learning more about how we feel the metaverse can help your business enter the metaverse, get in touch with Nathan at [email protected].

And if you’re interested in a unique work opportunity at the helm of our growing Reality Labs team, then slide into Nathan’s DMs on LinkedIn.  



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