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Facebook Workplace HQ - January 2018 and beyond....

Over the past week, a few of the Enablo team have been lucky enough to be hosted at Facebook London HQ - also known as Workplace HQ.

The office opened several weeks ago, but the buzz around makes it seem like a well-oiled machine of scale. It was great enough seeing the Facebook machine work, but even better to see the huge growth and exceptional team (growing fast too!) behind Workplace.

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10 good things Workplace does for retail organisations

Working in a retail organisation means there are a lot of differences between your headquarters, the colleagues working in the shops and the colleagues who work in between. Not only are there different shifts, you will often be working in different time zones. Employees working at HQ mostly are bound to their laptops, while shop floor employees don’t spend that much time facing a screen regardless of whether it’s in the staff break-rooms or a mobile device.

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Common misconceptions about Workplace

We’ve heard it all before. You’re skeptical about Workplace. You might think it’s just one of those hypes that will blow over or that just doesn’t work for your organization. But now we have your attention, we’d like to explain some things. Because before you turn down Workplace, there are some common misunderstandings we hear all the time which we would like to set straight. So, grab a coffee and let us share our thoughts. Happy to hear yours as well!

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Daragh McGrath

Daragh is CEO at Enablo