The Road to Flow - 11 New Features Announced

Welcome to ‘Flow with Enablo’, your one-read blog for a digestible summary of new features announced at the Workplace conference extravaganza!

What is Flow?

Flow is a global leadership summit held yearly that brings together visionary founders, SaaS experts, and leading executives to share insights and strategies, held in Menlo Park, California. This year’s conference brought together Workplace partners like Aware Risk Management and yours truly and announced the incredible feat of 3 million paid users (up from 2 million in February 2019).

What Were the Features Announced?

Well, if you’re an avid Workplace user, Christmas just came early. Workplace announced 11 new features that evolve the way we work, these include:

1. Access Codes - Your frontline workers can now access Workplace without requiring an email address. A simple unique code is all they need!

2. Access Controls - A simple customizable pop-up for your hourly shift workers that notifies them when they login to Workplace outside of shift hours. No need to take work home when you’re on the clock!

3. Automatic Video Captioning - My personal favourite, this feature supports those with hearing impairments or those working in a sound-free environment. Automatic Video Captioning uses machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically add captions to videos posted on Workplace.

4. Badges - Now you can really flaunt your skills, with Workplace badges. Add bling to your profile, whether you’re celebrating a work anniversary, hit a sales goal, or volunteered to help your community. Badges can be awarded by Workplace admins or automatically granted through criteria settings.

5. Enterprise Live - Get faster video with enterprise live, a new peer-to-peer solution that broadcasts video live, on-demand, and in high-quality. This significantly decreases bandwidth usage on your organization’s network, so you can converse effortlessly

6. Goals - Teamwork makes the dream work. Admins can now set targets for teams within Workplace groups.

7. Insights - Did someone say, success metrics? With new filters to Workplace insights, you can now analyze messaging and audience output even better with consumption metrics and comment sentiment analysis.

8. Learning - Are you a Workplace Admin? Create, label, and curate learning content for employee onboarding and L&D opportunities.

9. Survey - Now you can send out suveys via Workplace Chat. Select the audience, time frame, and type of survey you want to generate.

10. Thanks -Want to give a colleague accolades for a job well done? Now you can, with Thanks! Notify the recipient’s manager about great teamwork with a new experience in Workplace.

11. Workplace on Portal - “Bring bri…” make video calls effortlessly through Portal from Facebook

  • Use Portal’s AI-powered Smart Camera to pan and zoom, so you can talk freely
  • Smart Sound enhances the voice of whomever is speaking, all while minimizing unwanted background noise

For further updates on the Flow conference and additional announcements, check out the Workplace blog. Want to learn more about the features above? Contact us and we’ll run through a demo, along with answer any questions you may have!

Happy collaborating!

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