Facebook Workplace HQ - January 2018 and beyond....

Over the past week, a few of the Enablo team have been lucky enough to be hosted at Facebook London HQ - also known as Workplace HQ.

The office opened several weeks ago, but the buzz around makes it seem like a well-oiled machine of scale. It was great enough seeing the Facebook machine work, but even better to see the huge growth and exceptional team (growing fast too!) behind Workplace.

Workplace has gained serious momentum over 2017, with over 30,000 organisations now using the platform to improve and revolutionise communication within a company. Walmart, Spotify, Domino's Pizza and Air Asia are just a few of the companies who have been utilising Workplace - and with very strong results internally.

Now, each company has their particular reason for transitioning to Workplace. This may be to flatten the organisation and decision making to promote employee engagement, using groups to inspire action and move fast, or enabling mobile-first conversations that join teams together.

We were lucky enough to have some in-depth discussions with the Workplace team, to get an understanding of how they provide a platform which very quickly evolves with user demands. This is ensuring that Workplace is moving in a direction which is making communication within a business far more effective, and ensuring the ultimate goal - business growth - happens.

We have had a very successful 2017 at Enablo. Launching the company in March and scaling quickly, we are now in a great position as one of the top Workplace partners globally for professional services and enhancements/bots.

This growth has ensured that we have a streamlined process for providing clients with a service which demands excellence in delivery.

We understand Workplace.

We understand its benefits to an organisation.

We know how to deploy Workplace seamlessly and with great effect into all organisations.

We have very bold plans moving forward into 2018. At a personal level, this means developing and running the Small and Medium Business area within Enablo to help organisations under 1,000 employees utilise Workplace to full effect (which we're seeing huge use in globally). This Small and Medium Business partnership with Facebook is set to flourish in 2018.

At Facebook this last week, there has been a big emphasis on How Workplace handles security, as well as the ever growing integrations pool. These are obviously vital questions for all organisations, and ones which have continued to improve. At Enablo, we are well positioned to help companies along the Workplace journey, from initial discussions, to executive buy-in, through to implementation, deployment and enhancement.

2018 is shaping up to be a huge year at Enablo, and we are more than happy to discuss Workplace and the Enablo offerings.

Please get in touch - the whole Enablo team are here to help your organisation work better!

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