F8 Conference 2019 - New Workplace Features Announced!

Today, Facebook held the annual F8 Developers conference in San Jose. Mark Zuckerberg made a number of announcements on new updates and features coming to Facebook’s platforms.

Also announced alongside the enhancements of Facebook's consumer platform was an update to the enterprize communication and collaboration platform, Workplace. These changes are focused on making access to Workplace faster as well as introducing a host of new features to help you get work done.

What’s changing in Workplace?

The new Workplace design was not only created to look good. You can now expect to collaborate more efficiently with page load times 15% faster.


How you access notifications have been redesigned saving you on average 30% of time browsing through notifications. Switch between chat, notifications, and groups with ease with your most used features more prominent than ever before. Take control of your settings with the new robust layout and placement.

Notifications filters

Admin experience

The new admin experience is now easier to configure and update settings. Utilize the new experience panel and tabs.

People: now there is a people tab. Same information, but you don’t need to strafe between sections to get to where you need to be. Do your imports, edits, and people sets with ease!

Chat experience

Leverage Chat to its fullest extent with its easy search capabilities and new chat filters. These filters allow you to specifically look for chat messaging requests, saved messages, settings, and more!

Chat filters

When can you expect to see the new experience take effect?

Announcements are nothing more than exciting and having to wait for anything in this day and age is near impossible. Fortunately, admins have access from April 30, 2019, so if you’re an admin, get switchin’!

Workplace new experience rollout

April 30: Admins in existing Workplace communities will have access to the new design. As an admin, you'll be able to switch between the existing and new designs to become familiar with them.

Check out the quick introductory video on the new Workplace design. This guide highlights changes made, what your team will see when trying out the new experience for the first time, and a leadership one-pager highlighting the key benefits of the change.

Just jump into the educational resources section in your Admin Panel under ‘The new Workplace experience”.

June 5: Users will gain access to the new Workplace experience. Your team will be prompted to check it out and, upon joining, view a quick animation highlighting the changes. They will able to switch between the existing and new designs for a few weeks.

Week of August 5: All users will automatically enter into the new Workplace design. They will no longer be able to switch between the two interfaces. By August 9th, all users will have moved to the new design.

For more information on the finer details of how this new experience looks, check out the Workplace resource center.

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