What is work management — and why your team needs it?

A Guide to Better Collaboration

Coordinating work across teams is chaotic—especially if you have to dig through emails or messaging apps to find information. Without a system for planning, organizing, and executing work, confusion and chaos can grow. That’s where work management can help.

In this guide, Asana give you an in-depth definition of work management, including how it differs from project management. See how a work management tool helps teams easily connect and collaborate, enabling everyone to achieve more, together—even in an increasingly distributed world.

Download this guide to learn:

  • About some common problems related to managing and orchestrating work—and how work management can solve them.
  • What core features to look for when selecting a work management platform for your team.
  • How real teams have solved collaboration pain points by implementing new processes and rethinking the way they collaborate remotely.