User Management

So, you’re launching Workplace?

Exciting times ahead! Whether your users are desk-bound or without an email address, we’ll help you onboard, offboard, update profiles and keep everything up-to-date with our custom Account Sync and Claims process.

Account sync

To send employees an invitation to claim their account, they first need to have a profile in Workplace. Syncing users into Workplace can be done by manual CSV upload or via an off the shelf identity provider, but many organizations have multiple systems to manage employee identities. If this is the case for your organization, we’re here to help with our customizable account sync solution.

Dynamic group membership

Take away the guesswork and administration and automate your Organization’s Workplace Groups membership based on your employee information with Enablo’s dynamic groups solution.

Have group membership automatically sorted on launch and ensure that groups are automatically updated when employee details change, for example when someone moves team.

Web and mobile claims

Workplace is all about engaging your frontline, but, if they don’t have an email, you might be wondering how you’ll get them on there in the first place.

Our secure account claims solution provides a way for email-less workers to easily, and securely claim their accounts via web portal or SMS link.

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