Sneezles sick leave bot

ACHOO! Not feeling the best? Not to worry, Sneezles makes getting your leave sorted a breeze.

How it works

Message Sneezles to start a conversation about creating leave and he’ll ask you whether you need it for yesterday, today or tomorrow and to confirm what type of leave you’re looking for.

In the background, the bot uses Workplace to find your email and then logs the leave in your leave management system, for example, Xero. From there, Sneezles will let your manager know, and send you a calendar invite for an all day entry so you can easily let your team know too…he’s a good sort, Sneezles.
The following day, Sneezles will follow up to see how you’re feeling, making it really simple to extend your leave if you’re still not feeling well.

Learn more

Get in touch to learn more about Sneezles and how he could integrate with your leave management process.

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