Quick Ticket Bot

Why have a separate platform for employee support, when you can do it all through Workplace with Enablo’s Quick Ticket Bot?! Quick Ticket Bot is perfect for submitting support tickets and answering Frequently Asked Questions.

How it works: submitting tickets

  • Your Workplace Admin will use Enablo’s platform to configure Quick Ticket Bot with the questions to ask users, email addresses to send notifications to etc.
  • An employee opens up the bot in Workplace chat, where they will be asked a series of questions pre-defined by the Workplace Admin
  • Once the user answers the questions, the ticket will be sent to all of the email addresses defined in the admin area. This could be a support inbox; a task management system like Asana or Trello; or a specific personal inbox.
  • All submitted tickets are also viewable through the admin area too.

How it works: FAQs

  • Before a new submit ticket arrives in your inbox, use the bot to answer the top recurring support questions before the submission occurs.
  • Your Workplace Admin will use Enablo’s platform to define a list of common questions and their answers
  • Users can search for common questions or keywords which, when configured, can provide them with an answer e.g. “Password reset” can respond with “you can reset your password at https://password.com/reset

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