Quick and easy acronym look up!

Ever started at a new company and it feels like they’re speaking a different language? Acronyms, they’re everywhere, and even if you’ve been at said company for years, sometimes new ones catch you by surprise! Look no further than Enablo’s acronyms bot – a quick and easy way to look up, crowdsource, and manage acronym definitions directly on Workplace from Meta. And it’s free!

The benefits


Quickly get new hires speaking your lingo


Crowdsource acronym definitions to build organizational knowledge


Easily search and understand acronyms

How it works

For employees

  • Open up a chat with ‘Acronym Bot’ in Workplace from Meta
  • Follow the prompts to ask the meaning of an acronym and see the response
  • If an acronym definition doesn’t exist, request to add acronyms for admin approval 
  • If an acronym definition has typos or isn’t quite correct, suggest an edit to existing acronyms for admin approval

For admins

Once installed, use the admin panel in Enablo Platform to:

  • Bulk upload acronyms via CSV
  • Approve crowdsourced definitions
  • View acronym requests and add new meanings 
  • Access acronym analytics

Get started!

Acronyms Bot is free to install for any Workplace admin. Install today by logging in or signing up to the Enablo Platform.

Need help? Contact our support team here, or drop us a line at [email protected]